LPG Summer Party

Join us in celebrating the LPG European industry and the 50th Anniversary of the European LPG Association. We want to be surrounded by friends and would like to have you with us – we have big surprises to announce!

Mark the date in your calendar, it will be an event to remember.

Le Grand Central,
Thursday, September 6th


#AEGPL50 Anniversary

This year is a very special one for AEGPL and we would like to invite you to join us because we have a lot to announce!

Founded in 1968, the European LPG Association will celebrate its 50th Anniversary! When we think of how far we have travelled and what we have seen in that time, it can be difficult to imagine the challenge of creating the European LPG Association in 1968.

Now, in 2018, we are stronger than ever. Today we have over 50 members covering the entire industry supply chain. We now represent a range of large, small and mid-sized companies and national associations giving the LPG industry an influential and respected voice. We are recognized as partners by the European institutions, and membership offers a new market entrant numerous advantages. In addition, our annual Congresses are the leading LPG events in Europe, attracting hundreds of exhibitors, high-level speakers and thousands of visitors.

Much has been achieved, but our journey continues, with an exciting future in front of us. Join us in Brussels for a small celebration among friends and discover some of the surprises we have to announce!

Samuel Maubanc
General Manager

Samuel Maubanc

Key Dates #AEGPL_History

Creation of the European LPG Association. The founding members of AEGPL were the French, German, Italian, Belgian, UK and Dutch LPG associations. Two years later, they were joined by Spain, Ireland and Greece.
First working meetings with CEN, ISO and United Nations ADR. Start of the first major standardization project for AEGPL: EN standard for butane and propane cylinder regulators. After 5 years, AEGPL is accepted as a full member of United Nations RID/ARD reporting group.
Market changes and AEGPL statutes are amended to allow companies and non-European members to join. The association established the Management Committee to lead this strategies.
AEGPL adopts computerization for the first time. The association start dealing with the implementation of the first Seveso Directive.
The first AEGPL-developed European standard on ‘specifications for auto LPG sold at retail outlets’ was released, being approved by 16 European countries. The same year the 2nd World Symposium takes place in Madrid.
AEGPL celebrated its 20th anniversary. At that time, the membership covered 15 European countries.
The association moves into new offices in Paris. Only a few months later, in 1992, the European Union is born following the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty.
A new framework for tests on LPG as an automotive fuel is adopted. The relationship between the European LPG Association and the World Association are reviewed to increase possible synergies.
AEGPL reverts to a two-year Presidency tenure. The New Statutes open full membership to Pan-European LPG Distributors. The use of LPG in marine applications kicks off in Europe.
Autogas European Emission Test Programme released by a coalition of AEGPL members and national authorities from France, UK, and the Netherlands.
AEGPL moves its headquarters to Brussels: AEGPL Belgium is constituted, sharing offices with Europia, the European refining industry association.
Ulrike Andres of SHV Gas becomes first female AEGPL President. The AEGPL Autogas Roadmap is released concluding that LPG could save up to 350m tonnes of CO2 by 2020. AEGPL obtains exemption for LPG industry from the REACH Directive’s registration obligation.
AEGPL publishes its ‘Beyond the Gas Grid’ roadmap, setting out the full benefits of LPG in heating. From this year, AEGPL mobilises resources and membership against an unfairly damaging revision to the EU Energy Taxation Directive.
AEGPL reaches 50 members – a 50% increase in five years.


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